Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) We intend to develop our business in parallel with developing the environment stressing the controlled protection generated by our cosmetic factories and working procedure of ILC.


Sahapat Group has started in compliance with the Government’s policy

Green Environment Project          The International Laboratory Corp. Ltd. (ILC) is holding an exhibition of the outcome of the Green Environment Project in corporation with the Government to promote environment, and the preservation of natural resources in the area of forestry. This project includes the conservation of sea turtles with the aim to preserve the complete natural chain.

        This is one of the projects that the Sahapat Group has started in compliance with the Government’s policy to raise the awareness of the population in order that Thailand could prosper to the standard of Social Responsibility.

ประชารัฐร่วมใจ ILC หัวใจสีเขียวเพื่อสิ่งแวดล้อม

ILC’s Social Enterprise for greenery to conserve the environment

green environment

          The ILC’s Social Enterprise of greenery to conserve the environment activities to preserve and conserve the forests has been continuously ongoing for the past 11 years.  It involves the cooperation between the Forestry Department, temples, and the populations to increase the greenery in the forests, as well as mangrove forests,  including income deriving from tree seedlings for the population in the nearby areas, such as the Par Poolong, Chayapoom Province, Wat Par-sub-tavee Thammaram, Nakorn Rajsima Province, Klong Kone, Samutkakorn Province, Baan Kunsamutrjeen, Samutprakarn Province.  A total of 92,000 seedlings were planted reducing CO2 emission by 68 million Kg.co2


Colorful new lives of women with positive thinking


          ILC is a leader in the complete production of cosmetics with a policy of doing business with social responsibility, including supporting Princess Patcharakitiyapa’s initiated project in helping the under-privileged to look at themselves and the society more positively.

         The activity “Colourful new lives of women with positive thinking” in cooperation started giving make-up technique, and personality improvement lessons to women inmates countrywide. Under this project, women inmates are taught to change their lives to become modern with positive thinking while knowing how to make themselves beautiful both internally and externally, which is the quality of true beauty.


ILC Project of giving new lives to sea turtles … returning them to the seas

sea turtles

ILC project “Returning Sea Turtles to the sea”, an activity to conserve sea turtles which has been an Initiative of Queen Sirikit of King Rama the 9th. In cooperation with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, and the Royal Thai Navy in Sattahip, in adopting sea turtles offsprings and caring for them for one year, prior to releasing them into the sea which is their natural environment. This activity has been going on for 6 years since 2012 with the total of 266 turtles released.

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