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The most considers is safety, quality, and certification standards. How do we know this?

1. Choosing a standardized Cosmetic Manufacturer
We also have to choose a cosmetic manufacturing location that makes us confident that our products will be safe and standard, choosing a good cosmetic factory that certificated quality standards and international standards, for example.

  • The Food and Drug Administration FDA Thai.
  • The certification standard halal.
  • Standard for quality management system (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System Standard (ISO 14001)
  • GMP standard
  • ISO 22716: 2007 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

If having such items will can confirm that Cosmetic factory or cream factory That place is standard and safe, but to be sure, you can check the factory that received the GMP from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA Thai) by visiting the website of the Food and Drug Administration.

2. Choose a Cosmetic Manufacturer that offers a full range of services One Stop Service can help advise before production and be a consultant to Providing customers with full details of the prior to the creation of private label products until the end of the production process.

  • Consulting services for marketing, products, distribution channels Both at home and abroad
  • Research and development of product formulas that are specific to the customer’s formula.
  • Product design service Product design and suitable packaging selection
  • Thai FDA registration and filing service
  • Delivery service both domestically and internationally

Also recommend regarding Develop new products and be able to educate customers as well as be a business consultant, and a good cosmetic factory should have follow-up on sales of customers as well and inquire about customer problems To solve the problem Good consultation with customers This way, you can be a long-term business partner.

3. Choose a cosmetic manufacturer that has a reliable and expertise.

  • In product manufacturing Product formulas unique is Available for customers to choose many from such as cosmetics color , skin serum formula, whitening cream Sunscreen formula The unique formula that is newly researched is innovative.And able to meet all needs of customers.
  • Manufacturing Can be variety of products whether belong to product cosmetics, skin care creams, sunscreens, soaps, toothpaste, as well as household cleaners product. Production flexibility Both small and large quantities, with modern and standardized machinery.

In addition, the expertise with the factory’s long experience has influenced the decision making process choose Cosmetic factory too.

Hurry up!! If you want to create the own brand for your dream, Choose an experienced consultant will help you make that dream a reality.