Welcome to International Laboratories Corporation Ltd or ILC for world class contract manufacturing of Cosmetics and Toiletries in Asia. We offer our customers excellent service with the up most quality and attention to detail only found in Thailand.

ILC offers innovative development opportunities across a comprehensive range of Cosmetic and Toiletry products, manufactured at our factory sites in Thailand

Our in house departments are experts all areas to assist with research and development, purchasing, planning, quality, logistics, engineering and manufacturing to focus on excellent products that are launched both on time and in full.

The business teams are dedicated to our customers needs providing a customer service that is again truly unique to Thailand forging strong supplier and customer relationships ensuring product success.

ILC’s factories are regularly audited, achieving the very highest standards of hygiene, quality and efficiency, and production lines are able to accommodate high volumes with the flexibility to adapt to smaller specialised production runs, allowing rapid response to changes in season, fashion and style.

We welcome the opportunity to continue the success of your product range.